New trip on the horizon!

Exciting news in the Shakeup house — we’re going on a trip!

We were always going to travel from Minnesota to New Jersey, but we had been debating between flying and driving. Now we have pet-sitters lined up and have picked out our travel stops. We’re going to spend one night at the Indiana Dunes and another night in Pittsburgh (or Cleveland…but probably Pittsburgh). Dates are still up in the air as Hubs is looking for great deals.

Once we have it planned, I’ll start researching places to eat, things to do, etc. I’m going to experiment with using the Arc system from Staples to organize our travel plans. Our last few trips have been under-planned, and although we had fun, I’d like to try doing more research beforehand. Hubs likes to go all digital, but I need to see things on paper when there’s a lot of info flowing.

We’ll be taking a lot of luggage, because Hubs is staying in New Jersey at the end of the trip. I’ll be in NJ for two weeks, then have a several-day trip back to Minnesota. I’ll probably pack in our fūl 30″ drop-bottom duffel bag and a carry-on, but I’ll try to keep our road trip stuff in the carry-on.

My goal is to keep all our luggage and bags in the way back of our Honda Fit hatchback, even with a 2-week stay. As always, I’m saving up podcasts for our drive, and I’ll try to pack snacks and drinks so we’re not completely dependent on gas stations.

I’m looking forward to planning (and blogging about) this trip!


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