An organizer’s heart

I have an organizer’s heart. I know not everyone does. I dragged my best friend from college into a Container Store once and she almost hyperventilated. She goes with the flow and is fabulous at it. When I try to go with the flow, everything stops flowing because my stuff explodes all over the desk/hotel room/house and I have no sense of what I want/need to do.

So I organize, whether it’s getting ready for a trip or making it easier to use my kitchen. I love looking through Pinterest, though I get overwhelmed at the level of “pretty” some organizers do. I can admire it, but I have no desire to get that pretty. My focus is function and tidiness. When things are in containers, they are “contained.” When I have a designated place for something, I’m more likely to pick it up and put it away. When I have a system and that system is easy, things get done on a more consistent basis.

These are all things I knew, but Nony at A Slob Comes Clean articulates these points in such a clear and practical way. I’ve shared her ideas and experiences with Hubs, and these principles have become integrated into the way we think about our stuff. You’ll hear echoes of them in how I pack for trips, but I try to apply them to many areas of my life. I’m excited to have an upcoming guest post on Nony’s blog about my novel approach to the dreaded-but-oh-so-helpful meal-planning task. (Of course I’ll add the link in once it’s live!)


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