Another guidebook

I did a bad thing.

I ordered another free guide book, this time from Pittsburgh.

They didn’t want me to order it. The Indiana Dunes page practically begged me for my address so they could send me a hard-copy of their travel guide. Pittsburgh was happy to let me browse their guide electronically, but I had to hunt around for a hard-copy request form. (On second glance, I could have just scrolled down to the bottom of the welcome page, instead of my original convoluted path.)

I don’t like clutter or waste. I order almost all my books on Kindle, including professional books and even one textbook so far. I feel guilty every time I sign up for a paper catalogue or ad, thinking I could see it all online with just a little more effort. But, to be honest, there’s part of me that’s a hard-copy kinda girl.

And that part of me was so over the magazine-style visitor’s guide by, like, page 5. Out of 108.

I just figured out how to download the guide as a pdf, which is easier for me to read than the webpage-version. So I feel a little guilty again…but the pdf version of the guide is also 100MB, so it’s pretty clunky and slow on my usually-up-to-snuff MacBook. I may see if Hubs can take it down a notch so we can access it on our phones, if needed.

So, even though my tree-hugger conscience is bothering me, I’m not sorry that I ordered the guidebook. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and I can add pages directly to my Arc travel binder (I just bought all my travel binder supplies and will be posting about it shortly!). And honestly, it makes it easier for us to see what Pittsburgh has to offer, which means we can make a more informed decision. We only have time to do one or two things, so it’s not about doing everything or fully experiencing the city, but rather choosing something that we’ll really enjoy. (Hubs said that it would be a true test of my “shakeup” abilities!)

The biggest downside is that it takes 3-6 weeks to arrive, which means it may actually come after we leave…but I’m keeping my fingers crossed! In other news, on our morning walk I was telling Hubs about the cool Indiana Dunes trails I’d read about on their page. I mentioned that I thought we’d like that better than swimming, since “we’re not really beach people anyway.” He was disappointed to learn that there were actual swimming beaches at the Dunes, then relieved to learn that I didn’t want to swim. I’m a terrible travel partner in most respects, but it’s good to know we’re on the same page there.


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