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One of the many reasons I’m difficult to travel with is that I get hot.

And sweaty.

And stinky.

But Hubs and I love exploring new places on foot, so what to do?

Our first line of attack is returning to the hotel in the early afternoon for a shower and fresh clothes. For travel, I generally wear tank tops or light-weight t-shirts with a thin cami underneath. I always overpack underwear (because there’s nothing I hate more than re-wearing undies after a shower!), but I’ve been thinking about just purposely packing two cotton tops per day, plus one or two nicer tops or dresses for evening. That should work fine for our weekend trips, even with my goal of packing for both of us in one maximum carry-on.

But what about when we start traveling for longer? From reading more backpacking-focused blogs, I’ve realized that you can buy clothing specifically designed for travel. And not just frumpy athletic clothes! You can actually find very versatile dresses, such as these from Ex-Officio, in fabrics that are designed to handle your sweat and be easily “refreshed” in a hotel sink.

I checked, and a store in my town does sell Ex-Officio products, but I’m not sure they’ll carry the more feminine pieces I’m looking for. I do hope to try out a specialty travel product from a store or online, but for now, I’m willing to just dress down a little and pack plenty of my lightweight cotton tops.


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