Summer vacations and relationship health

I’ll admit it: One reason that Hubs and I like weekend trips is that…well…we tend to squabble when we’re gone too long. 

We’re grad students. For us, that means our time together is feast or famine. We may spend nearly every hour together for a few weeks, then only see each for an hour or two per day the next week. We drive almost everywhere we go, even the 13 hour drive to New Jersey, so we bookend our trips with lot of time together in a cramped Honda Fit. So far, “quality time together” haven’t been a big priority on vacations.

But I know that will change soon. Very soon. Hubs and I will live apart for a year, and then we’ll both have “real jobs.” Reconnecting will become a more important goal during out shakeups and other vacations. The Gottman Institute, a leading research and intervention facility dedicated to strengthening romantic relationships, recently posted on their relationship blog about how to use summer vacations to make your partner a priority and increase intimacy in your relationship. Check it out!


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