My husband and I love to travel, but along with being young and in love, we’re strapped for time and saving for a down payment. We’ve developed a style of travel that focuses on soaking in local culture in two-night trip. For us, that means walking the streets and using public transit, checking out restaurants, and hitting one or two “unmissable” spots.

Hubs loves baseball and art, while my passions are history and theater. One of our travel goals is to visit every MLB stadium. We met in the first year of grad school, which means our travel has always been on a tight budget. We like to travel light, choose hotels carefully, and enjoy being places as much as doing things.

As I enter my last year of my graduate program, I’m going to be living apart from Hubs. The good news is, I get to live outside Minneapolis, a city we’re in love with after one visit. Meanwhile, he’s moving outside New York City, a city he grew up near but I never imagined I’d (sort of) call home. And I have a whole year to pick out my graduation present.


Alternate titles for this blog:

Exploring the U.S. once weekend at a time

When homebodies get the travel bug

How I learned to stop obsessing and love my travel

Little money, little time, lots of travel

Getting pleasure out of business travel


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